A beach awaits…

I know that the subject of air shows is a little touchy at the moment, but I had an experience at the Bournemouth Air show last week that I just had to share. And, no, thankfully nothing crashed.

I’ve been to a few air shows in my time, and seeing a crowd of spectators looking into the sky at some crazy pilot pulling off a spectacular manoeuvre is nothing new to me.

But this was…

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Colons, dashes, and broken sentences…

And so here is the next instalment of my series that looks to apply every single rule from Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style to my manuscript. Today, rules 6, 7 & 8.

6. Do not break sentences in two.

The Elements of Style, Strunk and WhiteWhat S&W are saying here is to be careful with where you put a full-stop. Ok, so it sounds elementary and their example below is really just a case of bad writing:

I met them on a Cunard liner many years ago. Coming home from Liverpool to New York.

See. Just bad writing.

They do, however, mention the clipping of a sentence if a certain emphasis is warranted:

Again and again he called out. No reply.

I do this quite a lot in my writing. S&W’s advise on the matter is that it’s fine in dialogue, but when used in narrative one must ensure the emphasis is warranted lest a clipped sentence seem merely a blunder in syntax or in punctuation.

I’ll do that. Thanks. 

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To Serve a King: A swashbuckling sci-fi short story…

To celebrate getting my short story published in the New Accelerator magazine, I have decided to put it out as a blog post. Enjoy…

To Serve a King

The pressgangs never came around here. Why would they? Pickings for naval impressment were slim in Albany. As one of the kingdom’s more remote regions and situated near the petering end of the Good Hope trade wind, the place was populated mostly by farmers. Granted, there were plenty of scrapyarders and a handful of metal workers here, but experienced sailors were few and far between.

And yet, the dreaded pressgangs had arrived.

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Parenthetic expressions, and what I learned from Tolstoy…

And so here is the next instalment of my series that looks to apply every single rule from Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style to my manuscript. Rules 3 to 5.


3. Enclose parenthetic expressions between commas.

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Well done Disney!

Ok, so it’s an incredibly rare occurrence that makes me utter, “Well done Disney,” but in this case I think it’s valid.


Because I saw this today…

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.21.35


Oh yes.

And the pat-on-the-back goes out to Disney (and J.J.Abrams) for not only making these films in a manner that’s honest to the original trilogy, but also for keeping alive Lucas’s vision of the Empire as Nazis. I mean, just look at that screen shot. It could have been taken in Germany circa. 1940. I think they’ve made a bold decision by including such a political assertion in an age of such political correctness.

So like I said.

Well done.

P.S. Only 129 days to go…

A very short debate on the Oxford comma…

In my previous post I talked a little about the Oxford Comma. And in searching for an image for said post, I found this:

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