All this negativity, it’s just so… negative

So, to begin with, my apologies for not posting for a while. I’ve been working solely of the first edit of my book, which (unsurprisingly) required a lot of work. But it’s finally back in the editor’s hands now, looking a lot more lean and muscular than before.

Hence, I now have time to connect with all my followers in the blogosphere (hi, you two).

And, in true-to-form fashion, I’m going to start with a rant… well, a little moan, at least.

While I may not have been writing my own blog posts recently, I have been reading a few. And in the time it’s taken to edit my book, I’ve began to question whether this is even a worthwhile experience due to a host of negative articles on why certain forms of publishing are worse than others. Ironic, eh?

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