Wrapped up in six little words

So I’ve just discovered this thing called the Six Word Story Challenge, or 6WSC, where you have to write a six-word story on a chosen subject. This time it’s film: On the topic of film, write a short story. Simple. Fun. Quick. I love it.

I’ve chosen to do my story on one film in particular and, of course, there was only ever going to be one film for me to write about, so here’s my story:

A childhood spent with plastic figures

And the film?

This one:

Picture 1

Thanks for reading.


Writing flipped upside down: publishing’s murky future

Twice in as many days now, I’ve heard it said that the future of book publishing will involve the publishing houses letting authors self-publish, while they sit back to see what sells before taking on a new author.

A fellow blogger put it rather well in a discussion we had. He said, “my take is that traditional publishers are letting first time authors prove their mettle via self-publishing, letting the market pick the winners, and then swooping in.” The Independent also had an article saying exactly the same thing.


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Plagiarism..? I see no plagiarism

History buffs out there may recognise the quote I’ve adapted for the title of this post: Admiral Nelson is said to have uttered it at the battle of Copenhagen when he put the telescope to his missing eye and said he could, ‘see no ships’. What a witty man he must have been.

He was also a very eloquent man and one who spoke many a phrase worth stealing for my book. In fact, I have already nicked some additional quotes of his and adapted them for my own use…

…and herein lies my conundrum:

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Why is there so much garbage out there? (A quick rant)…

I thought I’d left the rantings behind at my last blog. I’m afraid, however, that I’ve now seen too much and can’t but help throw a little wobbler here. Deservedly so, I feel.

First of all, I’d like to apologise if you are one of those I’m about have a pop at, but to be honest, you probably wouldn’t categorise yourself as one of those people anyway. Or maybe not. Maybe you know the crimes you’re guilty of and simply don’t care.

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