Well done Disney!

Ok, so it’s an incredibly rare occurrence that makes me utter, “Well done Disney,” but in this case I think it’s valid.


Because I saw this today…

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.21.35


Oh yes.

And the pat-on-the-back goes out to Disney (and J.J.Abrams) for not only making these films in a manner that’s honest to the original trilogy, but also for keeping alive Lucas’s vision of the Empire as Nazis. I mean, just look at that screen shot. It could have been taken in Germany circa. 1940. I think they’ve made a bold decision by including such a political assertion in an age of such political correctness.

So like I said.

Well done.

P.S. Only 129 days to go…


Two things close to my heart…

This photo sums up two topics very close to my heart and wraps them up in a rather amusing one-liner, so I just had to share it on here with my writing friends…

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 22.13.44

By the way – just for clarification – those two topics I was referring to are good grammar and sci-fi; not over-bearing dominance and kinky leather costumes.

Thanks to the Official Star Wars costumes Facebook page for the original.

Wrapped up in six little words

So I’ve just discovered this thing called the Six Word Story Challenge, or 6WSC, where you have to write a six-word story on a chosen subject. This time it’s film: On the topic of film, write a short story. Simple. Fun. Quick. I love it.

I’ve chosen to do my story on one film in particular and, of course, there was only ever going to be one film for me to write about, so here’s my story:

A childhood spent with plastic figures

And the film?

This one:

Picture 1

Thanks for reading.

An unloveable hero? Oops…

Now that the feedback for my first draft is starting to trickle in, I am faced with the stark reality that my hero is a little hard to get attached to. Clang.

Picture 1I guess if there’s one aspect that can bring a story crashing down in flames, it’s lack of love for the protagonist. Imagine if we couldn’t care less whether Harry Potter became a wizard or a plumber? How would Star Wars work out if Luke was a complete git? And I’m not even going to think about George.W. Bush instead of Jed Bartlett in the West Wing.

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