The importance of paying attention to coincidences…

I’ve talked about character names on this blog before, and you may recall that I get many of my names from gravestones.

Well, in relation to that, a funny thing happened the other day… or not so much funny, but more such a striking coincidence that I really just had to pick it up and run with it.

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A book taken from a screenplay? Whatever next?

I came across what I think is a literary oddity the other day: a series of books based on a screenplay. Or, more to the point: a series of books based on a TV show. Now, we’re all used to films based on bestselling books and spin-off books are commonplace, but I can’t recall ever seen it this way round  before.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 11.26.40I don’t know how many of you are familiar with ‘The Killing’ (the original Danish version – not the dodgy AMC remake), but to sum it up; the show is a dark crime story set in a bleak and rainy Copenhagen combining a who-done-it thriller with a political drama. The original TV show ‘Forbrydelsen’ comprised of three seasons and, while the first may have been the stand-out best, all were delivered with a great Nordic mix of dastardly murder, intrigue, politics and fantastic knitwear.

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Wrapped up in six little words

So I’ve just discovered this thing called the Six Word Story Challenge, or 6WSC, where you have to write a six-word story on a chosen subject. This time it’s film: On the topic of film, write a short story. Simple. Fun. Quick. I love it.

I’ve chosen to do my story on one film in particular and, of course, there was only ever going to be one film for me to write about, so here’s my story:

A childhood spent with plastic figures

And the film?

This one:

Picture 1

Thanks for reading.