10 Bits of Stellar Writing Advice from J.R.R. Tolkien

Just read these great writing tips from Tolkien and had to reblog. But Writers In The Storm don’t seem to have a reblog button any more so you’ll just have to follow this link instead:


Number six definitely struck a chord with me. That’s pretty much my style of writing.

50 Awesome Moments Only Writers Would Understand

If at least five of these don’t smack you between the eyeballs and scream THAT’S SO TRUE, then you’re not a writer (at least, not a serious one).


The world of the writer is a unique one. The way we view and experience life is definitely different from how non-writers do, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Below are fifty awesome moments most writers have or will experience in their lifetime.

50. That awesome writer moment when you type “The End.”

49. That awesome writer moment when you reread something you just wrote and it’s like reading something somebody else wrote, and you wonder where the hell it came from.

48. That thankful writer moment when you get the kids to bed and you FINALLY get to sit your ass down and write.

47. That sad writer moment when you discover that a character you’ve grown to really like/love . . . has to die.

46. That awesome writer moment when you realize that what you are writing is bigger than you, is coming from some…

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Wrapped up in six little words

So I’ve just discovered this thing called the Six Word Story Challenge, or 6WSC, where you have to write a six-word story on a chosen subject. This time it’s film: On the topic of film, write a short story. Simple. Fun. Quick. I love it.

I’ve chosen to do my story on one film in particular and, of course, there was only ever going to be one film for me to write about, so here’s my story:

A childhood spent with plastic figures

And the film?

This one:

Picture 1

Thanks for reading.