You’d know what I mean, and a quick word of thanks…

So how’s this for a sentence?

You’d know what I mean, if you knew what I meant, if you know what I mean.

Cool, eh?

Now, before you go thinking I’m some upstart young writer bragging about some sensational sentence I’ve just written – you’d be wrong…

I’m not young.

But, as well as that, this is not a sentence I wrote. This is a sentence I spoke. And – importantly – when I did so it was very much in context and made complete and utter sense to those who heard me say it – admittedly with some visual aid in the form of body language. It was actually concerning a belt loop on my trousers.

And what’s so brilliant for me about this story?

Well, when I said this, I felt the presence of the writer within me. He didn’t need to be consciously summoned. He was there. Automatically.

Eynon_Gareth-23First came the realisation that I’d just said something that could have been constructed on the page; it’s got good rhythm and there’s a certain poetry to it.

I instantly grasped that for me to speak that way can only be born of years of writing and learning the craft. The writer within me then appeared for a second time when my immediate thought after saying this was, “I must write this down”. And I did write it down. It’s what inspired me to write this post in the first place.

And again, there’s the writer.

It feels like the training is finally beginning to pay off. In part thanks to practice, in part thanks to the books I’m reading (thanks to my wife), in part thanks to the experience I’m gaining, and in part thanks to all the bloggers I’m connecting with on here. You know who you are… Cheers.

So, has anyone else had these type of realisations? Has anyone else uttered a sentence and immediately thought, “I must write this down”?

Thanks for reading (and writing).


4 comments on “You’d know what I mean, and a quick word of thanks…

  1. Damyanti says:

    Yes, I do. And I do write them down. These are the sentences that rise from the inner voice, and the more we listen to it, the stronger it becomes, just like intuition.

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