Finding the joy of writing again

So I’ve just been composing a chapter that I had in mind for book one and really wanted to write, but could never squeeze in, which was a shame because the hero saves a whole star system from being discovered by those dastardly Brits and their Royal Navy and everyone cheers and whoops, pats him on the back and gives him their babies to kiss. Great stuff.

Anyway, after looking forward to writing this so much, I’ve somehow managed to find a place for it at the beginning of book two. And I’m very pleased to say that it hasn’t disappointed.

Just like many other writers out there, I’m sure, when it came to starting this second book I struggled to find the groove, get in the zone, or whatever you wish to call it. But for the previous few hours, I’ve found it hard to pull myself away from the keyboard, which feels great. It’s the way I felt when writing book one and I feel the passion is back (so much so that I had to blog about it).

Even better is that as opposed to the chapter being a stand-alone, tense, hero-saves-the-day type of thing as originally intended, in this second story I can now use it to come back to later on and have him save the day all over again by the actions he’s taken in the first part. Double whammy.

Anyway, that’s it. Back to the writing…

Thanks for reading.

P.S. In case you’re wondering why I’m talking about book two when I don’t even have book one ready to go yet, well that’s because I heard somewhere that agents like to know you’ve got at least a second novel in you, so I thought I’d crack on while the other’s with the editor.


3 comments on “Finding the joy of writing again

  1. Good for you, gpe. I think the more that you can plan ahead and foresee sequel(s)/a series, the better a potential candidate that makes you in the eyes of the industry.

    Those naughty Royal Navy types! (Except Horatio Hornblower, that is.)

    • gpeynon says:

      Thanks. Yes I hope it helps; I think authors need all the help they can get at the moment. And if I choose to SP instead, then having a head start on book two will really help, methinks.

      Funny you should mention Horatio Hornblower; my hero is also called Horatio (in homage?) but this is the Royal Navy of the 27th Century.

      Thanks for your kind comments.

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