Wrapped up in six little words

So I’ve just discovered this thing called the Six Word Story Challenge, or 6WSC, where you have to write a six-word story on a chosen subject. This time it’s film: On the topic of film, write a short story. Simple. Fun. Quick. I love it.

I’ve chosen to do my story on one film in particular and, of course, there was only ever going to be one film for me to write about, so here’s my story:

A childhood spent with plastic figures

And the film?

This one:

Picture 1

Thanks for reading.


8 comments on “Wrapped up in six little words

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  2. Perfect combination for the Six Word Story Challenge, Gareth! Some film are simply unforgettable, spreading their influence in daily life and play.

  3. M. C. Dulac says:

    Stories are getting smaller and smaller! I’ve been experimenting with 2 sentence stories, but 6 words – that’s hard. Well done!

    • gpeynon says:

      Yes, I did a two sentence story on horror recently. I love the little peaks of inspiration they challenge your brain with, without having to worry too much about plot, characters &c.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Well done!

    I tend to be wordy, so this would be a real challenge 🙂

  5. L. Palmer says:

    I think this is a six word story many can identify with, though I played more of the video games than with action figures.

    • gpeynon says:

      Thanks again for the comment. When I first started playing with the action figures that was the only option. It was a few years before the video games appeared.

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