About My First Post…

Welcome, friends, to my new blog and my first post (which is actually a little bit of a cheat, but more of that in a second)…

So what’s this blog all about then? Well, I guess that it’s intended to connect with people: people I can talk to, people able to offer advice, people I can reach out to within a circle never before attainable prior to the digital age.

Now that I’ve finally embarked on the sci-fi novel that was bouncing around the inside of my head for so many years, I thought I’d share some of the conundrums and insights I had on the process of creating this story, whilst also trying to enlist the help and support of others in getting it polished and maybe even getting it published.


Writing can sometimes be a lonely pursuit. Sitting there in one’s own little world dreaming up plots, imagining characters, giving them names, developing scenes, conjuring up interesting places, working out the logic and motives for the craziness you have just invented and then giving reason to this whole, wondrous escapade can be a joyous and frustrating experience all at the same time. And for the most part, of course, the project is undertaken while restraining from talking about it too much with those close to you because you don’t want to ruin a story that, ultimately, you want them to read and enjoy. Hence, I thought I’d discuss it out here in the blogosphere instead

I’m sure there are many other writers out there who have the same thoughts and encounter the same issues as me and I also appreciate this may be just another blog about writing. Nevertheless, that doesn’t quell my urge to connect with others. I will also be blatantly honest and admit that I wish to use this as a platform to release some of my content out into the big bad world.

I also know that I can’t talk forever about writing, so occasionally I may just indulge in a little discussion of life and the rich kaleidoscope of highs, lows and oddities that makes it what it is.

Everything else you need to know about this blog is contained within the posts.

So that’s it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my surname is pronounced somewhere between /Ayenun/ and /eyenon/.

They say one should always finish with a question to encourage engagement, so here’s one for you: Is it bad form (and maybe a touch lazy) to use the text from the ‘About Page’ for your first post, or should you use the ‘About Page’ for your first post?

Thanks for reading.


Photo courtesy of Issy Mey.


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